Giant Steps in Management: Innovations that change the way you work

How do you manage? What skills, ideas, tools and techniques do you use? Have you always used them? Think about it: how we manage organisations – and ourselves – is in a constant state of evolution. Nothing about the way you work today is forever. Managers are always trying new things, different approaches. There are management innovations underway all the time in large organisations. Many fail. Some work. A few make history. The most valuable ones are picked up and absorbed across entire industries and countries. These are the ones this book will tell you about.

Giant Steps in Management

presents a thought provoking selection of the 50 most important management innovations of the last 150 years and describes the impact they have on management today. Some of the innovations will be familiar to you; others will be new, different, surprising. Together, they form a fascinating compendium of the ideas, techniques and practices that have rocked the world of management.

J. Birkinshaw, M. Mol, 2007, Giant Steps in Management: Innovations that change the way you work, Prentice Hall

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